Our impact on society

The terms ‘corporate social responsibility’ and ‘sustainability’ have come to mean different things to different companies, but at Pearson, our goal remains simple: to be a socially responsible company that has a positive impact on society.

We try to fulfil that aspiration by following a four part strategy based on:

1. sustainable business practice;

2. valuing our people;

3. commitment to fairness and quality;

4. supporting active citizenship.

Each year, we set our targets to help us focus on the way we impact on society across the company and across the world. You’ll find the review of last year's targets and the new ones for 2009 at the end of this section and an overview of our work over last year in our Impact on society report for 2008:

If you'd like to read more about our work and our projects in detail, please visit our website www.pearson.com or our Facebook page - both are regularly updated with examples of our corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives from our businesses all over the world.

As ever, we welcome your comments and suggestions: just e-mail me at david.bell@pearson.com

David Bell
David Bell Director for people
Board member responsible for corporate responsibility